Czernin Security Forum



The Czernin Security Forum was established at the centenary of the birth of Czechoslovakia and its aim is to address pertinent international political issues of the day while also providing for their deeper reflection by recognised experts and policy-makers. The topic of this year’s Forum will be “Taking a Global Look at Security and Arms Control” and it will take place in the Czernin Palace in Prague from the 20th to the 21st of November 2019. The event will engage senior representatives of governmental, non-profit and academic institutions, which makes the Czernin Security Forum a unique place to discuss contemporary security.

One of them is definitely arms control. Although the bipolar superpower competition that defined a large portion of the 20th century ended three decades ago, the international arms control regime still rests on pillars constructed during the Cold War. The global security environment has changed immensely since then, but our ability to adapt international treaties and the overall legal framework regulating critical weapon systems remains rather limited. This is also the reason why this year’s Forum will be dealing with arms control specifically.

However, it is not enough to stay narrowly focused, for example, on Europe just because of recent developments. Interests of actors in relatively distant regions cannot be ignored, not least because security concerns in other parts of the globe affect the viability of security architecture in Europe. The emphasis during the Forum will thus be on several key regions of the World with an implicit goal to discuss the adaptation of the framework of arms control to local circumstances and interests of different players.



  • European dilemma: Between unravelling past and uncertain future

  • Theory meets reality: Dynamics of power politics and mutual (in-)security

  • Response to failure: New arms race or new arms control?

  • Expert workshop: A new international framework for arms control?


You can download the programme here.



Ronald J. Bartek - Principal US Negotiator of the INF Treaty Elimination Protocol

Rebecca Hersman - Director of the Project on Nuclear Issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Nina Tannenwald - Director of the International Relations Program at Brown University’s Watson Institute

Kristin Ven Bruusgaard - Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Political Science of the University of Oslo

Amy J. Nelson - Research Fellow at the Center for the Study of WMD at the National Defense University

Andrey Zagorsky - Director of the Department of Disarmament at the IMEMO in Moscow

Jiri Sedivy - Special representative for resilience and new threats at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Alberque William - Director of the Arms Control, Disarmament and WMD Non-Proliferation Centre at NATO

Wolfgang Richter  -  Senior Associate at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs


Hans-Peter Hinrichsen - Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Czech Republic​

Michal Onderco - Assistant Professor of International Relations at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Bruno Lete - Senior Fellow of security and defence at the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Brussels

Tariq Rauf - Former Head of Verification and Security Policy, IAEA, Austria








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